Forced to Evolve

Are you being forced to evolve right now? One month ago tomorrow the President declared a National Emergency and everything that we once knew began shifting.

During this time I am being called to journal. Here is my entry from yesterday:

Too many days to count since COVID-19 changed our “normal.” All we can do is take one day at a time. We cannot predict tomorrow. Remember to be present and express gratitude in the midst of this uncertainty.

Allow yourself to feel. Feel into the fear, uncertainty and broken expectations. It is ok. Allow those feelings to come, accept them and move on. Don’t get stuck with them, they will creep up at times you don’t expect. Picture them like a cloud moving by.

Focus on the possibility of what your new “normal” will be; a newfound outlook on what really matters. This shift in perspective is what is needed not only for you but for all. We were so caught up in stuff, what’s next and not having enough.

Guess what? In my opinion, we were all just issued a reality check and told by the Universe to sit down and shut up. It is your choice how you allow this to impact your life. You can allow it to push you to evolve in ways you didn’t realize you needed or you can remain where you were.

So I ask, which path do you want to take? Evolve or remain?

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