Along with being a life coach, Angela also works in Marketing Operations. Her journey in marketing started about 20 years ago when she worked as an Enrollment Specialist at Daniel Webster College and reported to the Marketing Manager. She was intrigued by marketing and knew she wanted to work closer in marketing but didn’t know what area she wanted to focus on.

She began a MBA in Social Media Marketing in 2010, which gave her the skills to kick off her own consulting business in social media. After doing this for over three years she realized she wasn’t feeling fulfilled and wanted more.

She found a temporary “intern” role at Skillsoft in the marketing team. This gave her the opportunity to figure out where she “fit” within marketing.

She was immediately attracted to Marketing Operations. The challenge of the role, process, analytics and technology spoke to her and she immediately excelled. She was hired on full time at Skillsoft and that launched her career in Marketing Operations. She immediately got Marketo certified and has been growing in Marketo ever since.

Currently, Angela is the Senior Director, Marketing Operations at Optimizely.

Please feel free to reach out to Angela for any Marketing Operations questions or networking. Email – angela (at) or connect with her on LinkedIn.